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Song: Tu veux ou tu veux pas?

Marcel Zanini was – er, is, since he’s still alive –  a French Jazz player and critique. The following is a French adaptation of this Brazilian song by Wilson Simonal. The song became a huge hit in 1970. Here are some common...


How To Pay At The Restaurant

If you want to practice French with French speakers, chances are you'll eventually end up eating out with them. And when one dines out, there is always this awkward moment at the end: How to pay?

What is cod

What is a COD???

The following tries to shed some light on key elements of French grammar. The aim is to mull over some concepts a little, so to tame them, and hopefully better grasp how a French sentences work. If you took up a French class, chances are you...


BD du jour: La famille

Today’s BD (bande dessinée, comic strip)  comes to us from Le cil vert. Vocabulary fiston:  Son peut-être: maybe choisi: chosen on avait décidé: we had decided Putain soulager: to relieve la vache! : Gee! arriver à: get...