Tu as du chien!

Here is an interesting little French expression that knows no equal in English:

avoir du chien /avwar dü she-yehn/ (LISTEN).


Literally, you could translate it as “to have some dogginess“, however,  it has very little to do with dogs. A better interpretation would be “to have pizazz” or “to be stylish“. A man, like a woman, can be said to have “du chien”.


Many consider Parisian women to have the most style. I disagree, but that is not the point of this post.

tu as un de ces chiens




quel chien




Do not confuse “avoir du chien” (good)  and “C’est chien!” (bad). The latter, used with verb être, means that something sucks or something was done with a mean intention.


Le chien, c’est chic!

Below is a list of fashion blogs in French, for those who want to practice the language avec chien (with style):

Les trucs de Tatihou

La revue de Kenza

Marie Luv Pink

Punky B.


Garance Doré

Eleonore Bridge

Mode Montréal

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