Meaning: ça n’a pas d’importance (No matter…ça n'a pas d'importance

Pronounce: /kemp ortuh/

(source: Forvo)

Synonym: peu importe /puh emp ortuh/  peu importe

When to use: At the start of a sentence.

How to use:  Qu’importe is actually a conjugated verb (“doesn’t matter X”). It must be followed by its subject, in other words, whatever it is that doesn’t matter:

1) With a noun and its article:

qu'importe + nomQu'importe3

2) With ce que / ce qui (“what”):

qu'importe + nom

qu'importe + ce qui

 Not to confuse with: n’importe quoi /nemp ortuh kwa/, which means anything, whatever.

(Source: Forvo)


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