Learning French

So, you are learning French.



This blog was created for you. Updated regularly, it contains lessons, practices and entertainment in French, explained in English.

The idea for Oui, c’est ça! came to me after realizing that many online French learning material was written exclusively in French. For me, this in itself would be a turn-off because when I am on my own struggling to understand difficult grammar or vocabulary in another language, and there is no one there to help me, I don’t want to be fighting my way through the explanation’s vocabulary on top of it.  I just want to understand.


Don’t take me wrong: I am all for immersion as an efficient and quick way to acquire a foreign language. But I think there is also room for places like here, where you can learn French and have fun without banning English completely.

This said, this blog will publish entries entirely in French from time to time either within the frame of reading practices, with a listening option, such as this post on restaurant etiquette, or  when the topic targets advanced level learners, such as my post on passé composé agreement.

You will find here recurrent grammar explanations, inspired from my own students’ struggles. I also like to take authentic material in French such as songs, comics and news articles and make them accessible with translations and explanations.


You may browse lessons, check out this site from time to time to view new entries or receive posts notifications via email, by clicking the “Follow” button on the homepage’s right menu. If you have suggestions for post ideas, or grammar points you would like to see explained, please tell me about it through the contact page. All messages sent there are confidential. Otherwise, you are free to comment at the bottom of any given post.

Have fun!



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