Learn French: Je lui envoie…

Do you know the verb envoyer? It means to send.

envoyer /on vwa yeah/ LISTEN

Here is how you conjugate it in the Present tense:

envoyer conjuguer

(I send – You send – He/she sends – One/Us guys send – We send – You guys send – They send)

LISTEN (right click to open in a new tab)


Just as in English, you must always use it with its object. Meaning you mention  what it is you are sending. You can’t say “I send” on its own in (proper) English; same thing in French.  

I send a letter I send an email I send a gift

I send a letter                                       I send an email                                       I send a gift


Saying whom you are sending this to is, however, optional. If you do, you must use the preposition “à”.

I send a letter to my (girl)friend

I send a letter to my friend


… Or you could learn how to use the pronoun.

to me to you to him/her to us to you guys to them

To me   To you   To him/her   To us   To you guys   To them


You must place the pronoun before the verb.

I have the ball

I’ve got the ball.


I want the ball

I want the ball!


I throw you the ball

I throw the ball to you.


I throw her the ball

I throw the ball at her.


je lui envoie le ballon3

I threw the ball to her

I threw the ball to (/at) her.



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