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  • Marie, I stumbled across your web site quite by accident and found it to be enchanting. It’s not only a delightful and refreshing resource for someone just starting out in French, it’s’ also full of fascinating things to read.

    I apologize for writing in English. My French is still embarrassingly bad. At any rate, thank you and best wishes.

  • Hi Marie

    I have just found your blog and think its fantastic. I am a begginer and would like to know the difference between mieux and meilleur, thanks

  • Dear Marie,

    I’ve greatly enjoyed looking through your blog, great ilustrations, fun material and great topics. I have specially enjoyed the article “making noises” and is really good to have a audio support to compare when studying.

    We are The Centre International d’Antibes, the largest private school dedicated to teaching French in France for over 30 years.

    We will be interested in a link exange to your great blog.

    Please have a look at our web page and tell me your thoughts!

    Looking forward hearing from you.

    Kind regards, Maria Fourre

  • Good day,

    I started learning french few months ago and I would like to know if there are any small books that contain small stories I can buy online. I am still beginner with limited vocabulary and grammer and I like to read books because I think they are the best to not forget the new words.

    kind regards,

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