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From Lamisseb:

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Tonton Bruno



tonton: Children’s word for uncle.

coucou: friendly hello

hein?: what?

bah: oh, well

si: means “yes” after a negative sentence.

For example:

Vous aimez le chocolat?  – Oui!
Do you like chocolate? – Yes!

Vous n’aimez pas le chocolat? – (Mais) si! 
Don’t you like chocolate? – But yes!

frapper à la porte: to knock on the door

vient de… : just

qu’est-ce qui s’est passé? : what happened?

tout(e) nu(e): stark naked

glisser: to slip

se cogner le… la… (+ body part) : to hit one’s…

Please note: there is a spelling mistake in the text. “Elle s’est cognée la tête” should be read “Elle s’est cogné la tête”. Explanation here (see “past participle agreement: exceptions).

: now

t’avais = tu avais: you had

tu avais vidé: you had emptied : Plus-que-parfait tense (equivalent to Past Perfect) for vider. Used to indicate an action that occured earlier.

je suis bien au… (phone number) ? : did I dial the…?

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