BD du jour: Range ta chambre!

Parents often nag their children with this phrase, and if you are/were an aupair, or experienced any French homestay where children were present, you are bound to have heard it at least once:

range ta chambre


Range ta chambre /ronsh tah shonb ruh/* [French “r” ] stands for Clean up your room (it’s a mess).

Today’s comical BD from Piet Bulle exploits this lovely theme. Vocabulary follows:

La disparition

02-13-PietBulle-S-LaDisparition (1)


disparition: disappearance

retrouver: to find (when it was previously lost)

en fait: in reality

depuis: from, since

début: beginning

je t’ai déjà dit: I’ve already told you

voilà: here

encore: (yet) again

une affaire: a case

ouais: yup

dommage: pitty

soit  = être (subjunctive)


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