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What is a COD???

What is cod

The following tries to shed some light on key elements of French grammar. The aim is to mull over some concepts a little, so to tame them, and hopefully better grasp how a French sentences work. If you took up a French class, chances are you will sooner or later encounter the COD. No, not this type. The other one, the bothersome one...

BD du jour: La famille


Today’s BD (bande dessinée, comic strip)  comes to us from Le cil vert. Vocabulary fiston:  Son peut-être: maybe choisi: chosen on avait décidé: we had decided Putain soulager: to relieve la vache! : Gee! arriver à: get to t’avais = tu avais avoir un truc: to be busy with something – to be unavailable une compet’...

Making noises in French


This funny blogpost on Ufunk, reposted from James Chapman’s site,  inspired the following: how the French express common noises. Manger: “Miam” /mee yam/ expresses the idea of eating, and is also said when a dish looks good. “Crounch” /kroonshuh/  is how you write the sound of something crispy. Avoir...

Les mots de Facebook


*In order to listen and read at the same time, please right click on “LISTEN” and chose Open in a new tab. You won’t deal with this for long, I promise. I am in the process of upgrading this website In French, the pronunciation for Facebook is close the the English one: /face boo kuh/ LISTEN.   French speakers sometimes...

Les cinq sens


We have five of them. Although some have six. But generally, cinq. *To listen and read at the same time, right click on “LISTEN” and open in another tab.   Le toucher /luh too shay/     L’ouïe  /lou-wee/      Le goût /luh goo/     L’odorat /law daw rah/     La vue /Lah...

BD du jour: le wifi


Le wifi (pronounce /wee fee/ LISTEN ) means a wireless connection…   … “bande de cons“ /bon duh kown/  (LISTEN) is an insult and more or less means “bunch of morons”.  

Impossible? Impensable!


Today’s quote is a pun taken on the website Foozine. In order to understand it, you have to know the the French are very heavily taxed, that France, in fact, has a “higher tax burden than any other country in the Euro zone” . Vocabulary: imposable: taxable impôt (masc.): income tax impensable: unthinkable  tandis que:...

BD du jour: critiques

manif featured

The controversy du jour in France right now is about the publication of a book by President François Hollande’s ex-partner, Valérie Trierweiler, about their past relationship. Out of nosiness, everyone and their brother is reading, or waiting to read Merci pour ce moment right now. However, many condemn this display of intimate...