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aaaaaaa points featured

Today’s cartoon was found on Facebook:   This is a pun on the word “points”. It could mean both “dots” and “points“. Vocabulary: qu’est-ce que: what il arrive: happens t’ : stands for te = to you mec: bud, pal, mate griller: literally, to toast, to broil; used with “un feu”...

RIP In French?


RIP,  Rest In Peace, translates into various phrases in French: . Adieu:   Adieu /ah dee uhr/ means Farewell. Adieu Cabu, Adieu Wolinski… Farewell to you, Cabu, Farewell to you, Wolinski… . Qu’il (/elle) repose en paix:   . Qu’ils reposent en paix /kill rip hose on peh/ literally reads as follows: May...