Learn French: Après avoir…

Today’s expression:

après avoir formule


après avoir mangé

(After eating/having had something to eat) LISTEN




après avoir cherché

(After looking /having looked everywhereLISTEN



après avoir marché

(After stepping in dog pooLISTEN


How to use:

Use this when you want to express that something happens after something else occurred.


après avoir mangé +

(He washes the dishes after having eaten.) LISTEN




après avoir cherché+

(After having looked, he finally found it.) LISTEN




après avoir marché+

(He will love Paris less after having stepped in dog poo.) LISTEN




1) When speaking, do pronounce the “z” between “après” and “avoir”: /ah pray zah vwar/

2) The participle never changes, it stays masculine singular.

3) You can use any verb tense for the other verb.




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