French Friendly Links

What are other blogs and French learning websites presenting these days? Que font les autres? Voyons voir… (Let’s see):

  • You have surely seen those items of clothing with English words on them that made no sense.


Wendy over at Le Franco Phoney is seeing a lot of those in France right now, in this les soldes time of year, and shares the best ones with us for our greatest pleasure. (ALL)


  • Yolanda Sarasola from FLE! Toujours FLE! and Pilar Mun from Remue-méninges FLE both scooped a race game for learning politics while practicing French. J’Europe, jeu de parcours is free, all you do is register and then you’re good to go. You’ll be asked to embody one of four characters: the political journalist, a citizen with a cause, the Euro MP or the lobbyist. The game, you will have guessed, revolves around European politics mostly though.
  • Who knew? (I didn’t!). February 2 is supposed to be the end of winter. Mind you, last time i checked it was -30 degrees outside where I am, so I very much doubt it will suddenly be spring on Sunday. But according to the Celts, in the France of pre-Roman era, that was when one had to purify and celebrate fertility and welcome spring. Such is the origin of the French holiday “La chandeleur”, which was later recuperated by the Catholic Church and made into the Presentation of Jesus at the Temple. In France, tradition dictates that we all eat crepe on that day, and the blog FLE en ESO offers a neat recipe. (LOW INTERMEDIATE)


  • Advanced levels, have fun with funky French explained. Online magazine Neon has an article on set, flowery expressions that are bound to make you laugh, such as “avoir le cul bordé de nouilles” (literally, to get one’s ass lined with noodles, but means to be very lucky from birth).


  • French Culture and Society, a page from University of Hong kong, published an article in French about good manners in France. Some of the aspects explored: salutations, When to use “tu” or “vous”, table manners, “gentlemanliness” or courtship. (INTERMEDIATE-ADVANCED)


  • Clipclassnet has put up a page where French high school students (lycéens) introduce themselves, followed by a comprehension quiz. Click on the arrow to get to subsequent videos and tests. (INTERMEDIATE)
  • Not new, still fun: the (what looks like defunct) blog Curieuse langue française has a page full of comics. (INTERMEDIATE)

… Bonne lecture!

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