Le Spleen à la French

Two big French mags, Le Monde and Le Point, recently published articles stating that the French are among the biggest doomsters in the world. One of the reasons invoked: the recent deterioration of the social context.


il va falloir = il faut in the Future; one will need to
se serrer la ceinture: to tighten your belt, to scrimp

This perception, however, is not new. The idea that the French are the champions of pessimism has been going around for a couple of years already.

It seems the story re-emerges every year end, as if to acknowledge the fact that the French are not happy. Some blame it on the media. Some blame it on the school system. Or even on an alleged tradition of romantic miserabilism! After all, Baudelaire and the Romantics did popularize the “Spleen”, a state of extreme sadness favorable to poetry production.

So, I’m curious. What do you think? Do the French appear to you as prophets of doom? And if so, why?

Thanks Matthew for having inspired this post!

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