Song: On Leur A Fait Croire – Alex Nevsky

At first, this song may please the Baby Boomer for its somewhat 1960’s pop resonance (Pa pa pa pa pa…) but if you listen to the words, it is actually quite sarcastic! The song is about the Millennials, or Gen Y, the children of the Boomers, and what they have done or are doing to themselves, in part, maybe, because of the world the Boomers left behind for them.

Singer songwriter Alex Nevsky admits being influenced by Georges Dor and Marguerite Duras.

“on” here can be interepreted as “we” or “they”.

This song is fantastic to practice the reflexives. Reflexives are verbs that have a little “se” in front of them, that means to do the action onto oneself or to one another:

se dépeindre: to depict oneself
se maquiller: to put make-up on
se démaquiller: to remove one’s own make-up
s’éteindre: to turn itself/oneself off
se soumettre: to submit oneself
se pourrir: to rot
se bâillonner: to gag oneself
se faire… : to make oneself, to turn oneself into
s’étreindre: to embrace one another
se déshabiller: to remove one’s clothes

Alex Nevsky – On leur a fait croire


Pa pa pa..

On s’est dépeints (depicted ourselves, removed paint from ourselves),  démaquillés
On a mis du fard (blusher) sur nos joues

On s’est éteints (turned off/extinct/dulled), déracinés (uprooted)
On a mis du soir (a bit of evening) sur nos jours
On s’est soumis (submitted, subjected ourselves), on a plié

On a mis le mors (bit) à nos bouches
On s’est pourri (got rotten) et bâillonnés (gag)
On a mis la mort à nos trousses (on our heels)

Pa pa pa…

On a repris (recaptured) puis dilué (diluted)
On a troqué (bartered) l’art pour des sous (cents)
On s’est fait saints (turned ourselves saints), on s’est fait sacrés (crowned / cursed)
Sans mettre nos corps sous les clous (nails)

On s’est fait putes (turned ourselves into whores)
Et pour briller (shine)
On a mis de l’or à nos cous (necks)

On s’est repeints (painted over ourelves), remaquillés (re-applied make-up to ourselves)
On a mis du fard (blush)  sur nos joues

Pa pa pa pa

On s’est étreints (embraced each other) et déshabillés (undressed each other)
On leur a fait croire à (made them believe in) l’amour

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