French Friendly Links

Let’s see what our fellow bloggers are up to in the French learning blogosphere…

FLE en ESO features a fun visual+audio interactive module around back to school vocabulary: 5 animations containing 7 games and activities section each. BEGINNERS to LOW INTERMEDIATE

I quite enjoyed this fashion video by Fanny and Corrine that Yolanda of FLE Toujours FLE posted on her Scoop It page. It has alive transcript, and they speak relatively slowly, yet being natural. ADVANCED BEGINNER to ADVANCED INTERMEDIATE

French learning blog Ah oui? Presents a lesson plan around the infamous archduchess tongue twister. Be sure to check out her “storify” in which she included videos of various people trying it out.  BEGINNER to ADVANCED INTERMEDIATE

Claudeline on her Scoop-it French as a second language site recommends this article about small unconscious gestures we do every day which have an impact on others. INTERMEDIATE to ADVANCED

Ma José from Tics en Fle suggests 5 audio-sketches in French to practice comprehension, titled Trop rigolote la vie.  INTERMEDIATE to ADVANCED.

MmeDevine points us to this fun L’actualité page full of quizzes aiming at developing our vocabulary practice. Test yourself on standard expressions,  enigmas and less common idioms. ADVANCED


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