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Savoir Or Not Savoir?

I know, I know… in French, I know is Je connais /shconay/ LISTEN

In French, I know is Je sais /shay/  or /sh say/ or /juh say/ LISTEN




Yes. In French, there are TWO different verbs to express “to know”: connaître /con ett ruh/ and savoir /sav war/.

And you can’t interchange them.

Here is how you use them:

je sais je connaisLISTEN

Basically, you use “je sais” (or je ne sais pas /juhn say pah/) with any ACTION; you use “je connais” (or je ne connais pas /juhn conay pah/) with any NOUN.

By action, I mean…


a) … an infinitive (a non-conjugated verb)

b) … a phrase introduced by a question word

c) … or “ce que”/”ce qui” (=what).


By noun, I mean… er… a noun. And a pronoun.


Another way to memorize it is that any time you want to say “know how to“, use SAVOIR:


je sais lireLISTEN


sais-tu parler anglaisLISTEN


When you want to say “to be acquainted with“, then use CONNAÎTRE:


connaissez-vous notre directeurLISTEN


lui non je ne le connais pasLISTEN


So how does one say to know, as in “I know, I know”?

moi moi je saisLISTEN

Yes, in this case, we use savoir.


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