BD du jour: La Bise

Obion posted a funny strip about this well known and difficult French greeting: the bise. Women and children readily do it upon meeting someone familiar. Men, less so.

*(Computer users: Did you know you could make your screen content appear bigger by clicking on the Ctrl key and roll you mouse wheel?)

Une petite histoire de famille

faire la bise



serrer la main: give a handshake

serrer:  to squeeze 

je ne sais plus trop: can’t remember

toujours est-il que…: the fact remains that

alors que: while

éprouver: to feel

mettre à l’écart: to isolate

hanter: to haunt

vexé: offended, hurt, annoyed

je me suis rendu compte que: I realized that

culpabiliser: to feel guilty

dans un sens: in a way

ça fait un bien fou: it does a world of great, it’s revigorating.

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