Retourner and Revenir

There tends to be confusion between retourner /ruh toor nay/ and revenir /ruhv near/.

Using them wrongly can make a big difference.


Retourner means to go back.



Revenir means to come back:



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4 thoughts on “Retourner and Revenir

  1. Sophia, it’s a very common mistake, lots of people make it. But indeed if you say to someone “Retourne!” when meaning “Come back!”, they will hear either “Turn around!” or “Go back!”, anything but “Come back!”.

    If you want to return an item to get your money back or an exchange, in Canada, the French speakers have come to understand, and even use the verb “retourner”:
    “Je désire retourner ceci”.

    But in France they will look at you funny, turn the item upside down or inside out and say “Voilà!”. You need to say:
    “Je voudrais rendre ceci”.
    That is correct French, although I don’t guaranty a result, since the French are not the ones to do exchanges on goods, usually. :)

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