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Stromae: Formidable

“Formidable (ceci n’est pas une leçon) est le nouveau single du chanteur belge Stromae, extrait de son futur album à paraître à l’automne 2013. Le chanteur a publié ce lundi le clip de sa chanson, tournée en caméra cachée en pleine rue, dans lequel il prétend être ivre.”

This is how L’Express Culture presents Stromae’s new single and video, which was filmed with hidden cameras on the streets of Brussels, and in which the Belgian singer poses as a drunk who has been dumped the day before, because, he sings,  he couldn’t have children. It’s a stunt, of course, and one which is effective as it has gotten 600 000 views on the first day of its release.


You may know Stromae for his 2009 hit Alors on danse.  He is compared to the new Jacques Brel (1929-1978), who was also Belgian, and whom 28 yr old Stromae eerily resembles. Glamour describes the young artist’s style as such:

“Des mélodies puissamment dansantes, à la frontière de l’électro et du hip hop, confrontées à des paroles sombres, directes, voire parfois trashs, parviennent à créer ensemble une harmonie impeccablement homogène.”

Please watch the two following clips one after the other: Jacques Brel, singing one of his all-time masterpieces, “Dans le port d’Amsterdam”, in the 60′s. Then Stromae, in an original symphonic version of his “Alors on danse”. The parallel is uncanny!

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