BD du jour: Superman

Today’s Bédé comes from Super-Lamisseb:

superman_800px (1)

(Do you know about this trick make text and images appear bigger on your screen? Press Ctrl and scroll your mouse wheel forward!)



Ça alors: My goodness

vraiment: really

une paire de lunettes: glasses

si: yes

confondre: to confuse

c’est ça bah: yeah, yeah

les déménageurs: movers

on l’air de… : look like

avoir un souci: to have a problem

on va bien voir: we’ll see

t’expliques= tu expliques: you explain

sans que (+ subjunctive): without (…ing)

 fasse = faire: do

“sans que ça te fasse rien”: without it causing anything to you

la ressemblance: likeness, resemblance

troublante: troubling

rabouillé: smooshed 

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