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Reading Practice: Dicey Dancing

French newspapers are reporting a new trend in the Arab world. Dancing as a way of protest:

diceydancing 1diceydancing 2

In a move reminiscent of Hitler’s Swing Kids, youth in Egypt and Tunisia have started  Ganman Stylin’ and Harlem Shakin’ in public,  filming themselves, and rubbing the governing parties the wrong way. Resulting videos have already gone viral. The Ennahda in Tunisia and the Muslim Brothers in Egypt are strongly coming out against this “dirty” dancing, arresting perpetrators, students, civilians, and anyone who engages in the quavering.

It hasn’t stopped them.

Read more about it and watch videos here.



(to help you read the article):


danser: to dance

affrontements: confrontations

la toile: the web

depuis: for the last…

internaute: net surfer

ne pas échapper à… : not escape to…

se sont filmés: filmed themselves

sous-vêtements: underwear

quelques: some

dont est issu: of which comes from

ordonner: to order

une enquête: investigation

lycéens: high school pupils

une mise en scène: production

un licenciement: firing

autour: around

une bagarre: a fight

empêcher: to prevent


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