BD du jour: Kicking Ass

Today’s BD comes from the ever amusing Macadam Valley:

Le Tramway



ma place /mah plass/: my seat

la mienne /lah mee enn/: mine

peut-être /ptat/: maybe

encore /on core/: still or again

foutre une branlée /foo trünn bron lay/ à quelqu’un: to kick someone’s ass (vulgar)

petit con /ptee k’own/ : little moron (insult)


Over to you:

Can you provide me with an explanation for this?


PS: The expression “kicking ass” used in the title can be translated in French as such:

Ça déchire /sah day sheer/ : it kicks ass

C’est trop bon /say trow b’own/ : It’s so good, it kicks ass

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