BD du jour: Eyeful

Today’s BD comes from inimitable Lamisseb‘s series “Les Noeils” (explanation):

rincer l'oeil


/ay/: hey

ben /behn/ : well, er…

rincer /srehn say/: to wash the soap off 

je me rince /jmuh rehnss/ : I rinse myself off 

pervers /pairvair/: pervert

The Pun:

In order to find this strip funny, you must know that the expression se rincer l’oeil /srehn say luh yuh/ (literally, to rinse your eye out) means to get an eyeful, in a sexual sense, usually. Of course if someone is an old car enthusiast, and goes to an old car show, then they may say “Je me rince l’oeil!” to express that their visual delight. But more often than not the expression will be used to describe that someone gets to see something sexually appealing, often at the expense of the one(s) being watched. An image that comes to mind are men looking through peep holes, or through a window, while some unsuspecting woman undresses. The men then “se rincent l’oeil”.

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