French Friendly Links

The website for online RFI (Radio France Inter) offers a wide range of listening activities with multiple choice comprehension quizzes. To hear clips, click on the “écouter” icon located below the picture. (IN FRENCH, INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED)

French teaching/learning blog ah oui? informs us about the My Languages site, which is full of resources for French learners, such as vocabulary, lessons and translations.  (IN ENGLISH, ALL LEVELS)

e-magazine Canal Académie‘s  French language section  presents many articles about specific word usage, grammar oddities, or announcing new publications. Such as this Dictionnaire des chiens illustres (Dictionary of famed dogs: “a complete picture of dogs that have marked history with their claws”). (IN FRENCH’ ADVANCED)

Oleg over at Translator’s Musings thinks up possible French translations for “Fiscal Cliff”. Finally, He comes up with “dégringolade budgétaire“, which I quite dig. (IN BOTH LANGUAGES)

I quite enjoyed reading about France’s and other countries’ strange or little known cultural practices on the site of Patrimoine culturel immatériel. For example, the Breton’s dance Fest-Noz  or the Maîtres verriers de Bayel (via Le web pédagogique). (IN FRENCH, INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED)

On a more practical note, French Today’s blog gives us a comprehensive list of verbs followed by preposition à. (ADVANCED BEGINNERS AND UP)

Laura from French Language tells us about the expression “Mettre le doigt“. (IN ENGLISH)

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2 thoughts on “French Friendly Links

  1. May I suggest that you have a look at a blog that I run for advanced learners of French at www (dot)fluentfrenchnow (dot) com. It could be of interest to your readers. Thanks.

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