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Why Human Translators Exist: Duh!

There is an article in Le Nouvel Observateur about Danish police using the product of free machine translation service Google Translate to accuse a man in court of terrorism – no less! Of course, the translation was wrong. And now Copenhagen police got themselves into a problem. Scary, isn’t it?

Read it here.


Traduction automatique: machine translation

lutter: to fight

à coups de : “with”, using as weapon

sur la foi de: on the evidence of

funeste: fateful, dreadful

élément à charge: the evidence, proof

Depuis: since then

Car: because

en ligne: online

lors de : during

rédigé(e): written

censé(e): supposed

d’après: according to

à tort: wrongly

douteux/euse: dubious, questionable

se retrouver à: to find oneself …ing 

Or: yet, now

tenter de : to attempt …ing

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