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Extremes Pictures 2012

French online magazine Le nouvel Observateur is publishing a review of 2012 most extreme pics.

Some Vocabulary:


ne cesser de: to not stop… ing

quinquagénaire: man in his fifties

une somme: sum of money, amount

faire tailler: have sharpen

croc: fang

pourchassant: persuing


sabot: hoof

disposer de: to have

laquelle: which

elle-même: herself, itself

porcelet: piglet


déchaîné:   unbridled, raging

ingrat:  ungrateful

cuir chevelu: scalp

s’en sortir: to make it (alive).


grimper: to climb


un passant: a passer-by


quasiment: nearly, almost

compter… (infintitive) : to plan  …ing

non sans: not without


grossier: rude, foul, distasteful

santon: decorative Christmas figure 


bombé: bulging

ayant pour objectif de: having the goal of

rebondir: to bounce, to plump

souci: concern


aller de soi: to be natural, to be obvious

en dépit de: despite

fichtrement: darned, awfully


se débarrasser de: to get rid of

loup-garou: werewolf

déplaire: to displease

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