French Friendly Links

What’s new in the French learning blogosphere?

Incredibly French has an entry on the best French scarves (with pics, in English).

Stanley from Speak French Fluently explains why it is a good idea to resort to a language coach if you are seeking to pass government exams, meanwhile shedding some light on the said exams (In English).

Wendy from Le Franco Phoney introduces some instances when French words are really English (In English).

Want to practice reading in French? Vanessa-George over at Culture française offers a simple, A2 level text in French about weird, out-of-season weather. (BEGINNERS AND UP)

Authentic conversations’ site France Bienvenue presents an interview about gift giving, with transcripts and explanations: Les beaux cadeaux. Check  it out! (ADVANCED BEGINNERS AND UP)

Beginners’ site Let’s Learn French Together teaches how to tell what day it is. With pronunciation guide. Useful! (BEGINNERS)

We all heard of the Korean hit Gangnam Style, but did you know about this country’s music style “le trot”? En français s’il vous plaît gives a great introduction to this particular type of music, with a historical overview and live examples, including current hits: Le Trot: un genre de musique coréenne. (INTERMEDIATES AND UP)

French wine grower Hervé Bizeul throws spotlight on Belgian cooking magazine Culinaire Saisonnier and tells us why it’s a little gem. (Via French and France) (INTERMEDIATES TO ADVANCED)

French blog Tout le net en parle debates about the best Wii U (/wee you/) game. Included in the entry is a video about the game Rayman Legends presented in authentic French (ADVANCED).

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