Practice Reading

Reading Practice: Stolen Presents

Today’s reading practice comes from the online French paper Le progrès and is suitable for intermediates and up. It is a good practice for gerund and present participle:

Noël Reading Practice

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en …(verb)ant: is the gerund form in French, and indicates two actions are performed at the same time.

en volant: as stealing

un portable: a cell phone

(verb)ant: is the present participle: in English, the “ing” form.

voyant: seeing

à bord: on board

se servir: to help oneself, to help himself

oublier: to forget

se rendre à… au… : to go to (syn. aller)

où: where

le commissariat: the police station

tomber sur quelqu’un: to run into someone

se diriger vers: to walk towards

dans lequel: in which

apercevoir: to see, to notice

quoi de plus normal: what could be more normal

faisant: making

le larron: the thief

faire main basse sur quelque chose : to steal something

quitter: to leave

un méfait: a misdemeanour

le tableau de bord: the dashboard

débarquer: to turn up

afin de: in order to

un larcin: a theft

domicilié(e)(s): residing

placé en garde à vue: kept in custody

finir par… : to end up … 

bel et bien: really, well and truly

sa propre voiture: his own car

levé(e): stopped, suspended

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