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Weird Trend In France: la poubelle PV

I came upon a blog entry describing this French novelty: trash bins appearing on top of selected parked cars. Why?

Read the short entry here.


Some Vocabulary:

PV /pay vay/stands for Procès-Verbal and means traffic ticket in France. In Canada, the word “une contravention” /ünn kohn trah von see own/ is the usual preferred term.

en guise de /on geese d/ : by way of

le pare-brise /luh par breeze/: the windshield, the windscreen

il s’agit de/eel saj eed/: it’s about

prisé /preezay/: prized

bouger /boojay/: to move

garé(e) /garay/: parked

en somme /onsohm/: in other words

l’essuie-glace /less wee glass/: the wiper 

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