Word In The News

Word In The (French) News: “se démerder”

Today’s word comes from the online paper Métro:

Se démerder

18 12 12 se démerder


Se démerder /sday mair day/ is slang for to manage, to get by or again to sort it out. It comes from the French word for “sh…”: merde /maird/. So literally, se démerder means to come out of sh…

We sometimes also hear it in this form:

Démerde-toi! /day maird twa/, meaning, You can bloody well sort it out yourself!

Note that it is a reflexive. This means that a Je me /jmuh/,  Tu te /tüt/ or On se /ons/etc. must precede it:

bof je me démerde


Here, the full title reads:  “Torreton à Depardieu : “On va se démerder sans toi” ” (Torreton to Depardieu: We’ll manage without you”. Gérard Depardieu is one of the greatest, most famous (and richest) French actor. You might remember him in his younger years, alongside Andie MacDowell in the 1990 movie Green Card:

Or in his role as Jean Valjean in Les Miz:

Gérard Depardieu recently moved to Belgium as a tax evasion tactic. He claims he had to pay 85% of his revenue in tax in 2012.

The affair has created a controversy, with some actors siding with Depardieu, others, against. Among them, actor Philippe Torreton, who basically tells him, “You want to evade, well, we’ll make movies without you”.

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