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Christmas is around the corner, so let’s study the verb accueillir /ak uh yeer/, which means to greet, to welcome. (listen to it being said by different persons in this video at 0:15, 0:27 and at 0:34, and again at 1:55, or on this page under Pronunciation) (BTW chiot /she yoh/ means puppy, chez soi /shay swah/ means at home).

Accueillir. I know, it spells strange, and sounds even stranger. Let’s conjugate it in the Present Tense:


For more tenses, check out Laura’s page.


Accueillir does not require a preposition. It is followed directly by the object (the person being greeted):


la femme du monde


Elle accueille la cliente


Or preceded by a pronoun:


field_trip-419-650-500-80 (1)




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