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Vive les bédés! 2

After the success of  Vive les bédés! It’s Cartoon Time, here is a second round of French comic strips blogs:


-  Fred Chan‘s eponymous funny site offers medium length comic strips.

-  2X1 presents a comic a day by Adrien Ménielle. Clic on “aléatoire” to get a random one.

-  At Macadam Valley you will find short and humorous strips by Ben suitable to all levels.

-  Obion publishes a happy mix of comic strips, drawings, links and thought du jour.

-  Méphistolfélix et Lucile Gomez  is a cartoonist personal website with links and cartoons.

-  Short witty drawings for all levels at Pacco.

-  Le cil vert, le blog de la volubilité: clever one-image comics linked to current events, links, news etc.

-  Autostrip is original, astute, cunning. For intermediate to advanced levels though.

- Le blog de Martin Vidberg comments current events with a smile. Links to the actual events (Le Monde) are provided.


Bonne lecture!

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